Welcome to the Shadows

Jackpoint: Redmond

Gun_Bunny: Redmond's turned into a shitstorm. To hear the Bronze tell it, there's an army of vampires walking out of Glow City to get shot in Seattle. 

Glitch: Oh shit. I didn't expect that protest to actually go through.

Zero: I don't expect it will. Lone Star's taken up a defensive position around the Union for the duration of their stop there for however long they've gotta crash there.

Glitch: What does their detail look like?

Gun_Bunny: A fragging army.

Zero: 4 Heavy Gear divisions, Walkers with LMGs and Rocket pods, two full aerial units made up of air combat drones and a couple Wasps apiece, and another 50 officers on the ground. Oh, and they've placed a sniper team on every rooftop in a six block radius. There's even a pair on top of the Stuffer Shack. It'd be amusing if it weren't so damn terrifying.

Glitch: Yeah, they're definitely gunning for a fight, if you'll pardon the expression. One of their officers claims to have been attacked by the "Oni". Medical Examiner's report says his injuries look more like he was attacked by a small animal.

Gun_Bunny: That's excessive as shit.

Zero: Still probably better than what I would have fielded if Lone Star hadn't underbid us.

Gun_Bunny: That doesn't make me feel better. And even for Redmond, it's been a pretty crazy week. Had an Ace walk into the Union today to threaten some hacker that's been in the last couple of weeks. I don't know exactly what happened, but one of his chums got dragged out in a body bag by Dresden.

Zero: They apparently made quite the scene after that. I heard the Ace and the hacker ended up on a motorcycle chase headed towards downtown. The Ace managed to get off a single shot before he got thrown from his bike. 

Kat O Nine Tails: So glad I cancelled on that flight to Seattle. Far too exciting for my tastes.

Gun_Bunny: Yeah, I booked the first plane out of here. But first I gotta sneak past these Walkers.

Zero: Please don't go with your usual method of sneaking. "No one will notice if there's no one around to notice" is just the spark Lone Star needs to turn this into a fraggin pogrom.

Gun_Bunny: Null sweat there. Anya hooked me up with a buddy of hers. Just gotta find a place to lay low for a couple days before he's ready to move out.

Zero: Watch your six out there. Shit's about to go pear shaped, I can feel it. 

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